March 25, 2009

Recycled Gardening

This Instructable will show you how to recycle and grow some plants and flowers at the same time. I will show you how to become a little "Greener".

Image Notes
1. A flower I found in the woods. Near some trash :-(

step 1: Mini Greenhouses
Want to become a little more "Green". Then what's better to do that than making recycled green houses. These are made from old containers for rotisserie chicken, cake
containers, and other miscellaneous clear plastic containers.
All you have to do is fill up your containers you choose to use. Add your seeds and put the plants into the container. This works by keeping the water inside of the
container making a humid environment for the plants. I use this mostly for starting the seeds, it has worked great for me.

Image Notes
1. A cake container from Walmart.

step 2: Toilet Paper Roll Planters
These are nice because they breakdown over time. And they don't cause pollution like peat pots do. To make these all you do is go to the restroom a few times. Put a
gas mask on and take the roll out of the bathroom (since you just used it a few times). Now that you have extracted the roll cut the bottom of it 1 inch about 5-6 times.
Fold in the flaps you created to make a bottom to the roll.
Now you can fill up the rolls with dirt and your choice of seed.

Image Notes
1. The Toilet Paper Roll

Image Notes
1. Weird Scissors I found.

Image Notes
1. What it looks like after you cut it.

Image Notes
1. Fold in the flaps.

Image Notes
1. Flaps all folded in.

Image Notes
1. Finished Product

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The flower it is looking so cute in that place. Recycling is an important activity in the modern world. And This Instructable will show how to recycle and grow some plants and flowers.

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