May 11, 2009


Mandevilla is a vine plant. will need place to grow with the vertical well. Most easily with the purchase of spread pole made of metal. Mandevilla should vine since its size is still small so easy. Do with convolve repeatedly to the top. When swell shoots will own twist to the bang without the need to be assisted.

If your husband creative, a pillar vine mandevilla can be made own. Simple material, such as the stem of bamboo or wood. How to made also simple, just stick two or four-blade small bamboo plant on the media around the lips of mandevila pot. continue to the top blade ago bamboo tied together with rope. Mandevila curve away on the trunk (make it circle).

Mandevilla "jessamine brazil" is also simple. Can use a mixture of media such as planting cocopeat and roasted bran. Plants should be placed in the open that get enough sun to stimulate the emergence of interest. Sprinkling is done each time don't wait till dry or much water.

Nutrition must be supplied from the fertilizer. Can use a balanced NPK fertilizer, such comparison 20:20:20. Give every one to two weeks. The provision of nutrition akan mandevilla stimulate optimal growth and flowering. To be practical, fertilizer mixing in water to flush. fertilizer Fair use of concentrate about 0.75 grams / liter. How? Dissolved one teaspoon of fertilizer to a 10 liter water, and use to flush the media. And if have liquid organic fertilizer just mix to water.

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