May 11, 2009

Packing way Aglaonema With Pot

As a valuable economic plant collection is very high, especially packing Agalonema Aglonema class and youth as well as the plant is small for long distance is not a simple matter, a little can cause the plant leaves and torn tergulung which can lower the quality of the plant. However, Mr. Moes from Flora Gadhinks have cara a safe packing.

1. Add media to the average with the pot lip.

2. Surface of the media covered with a snippet of paper and cardboard pleaster with strong media that does not spill when the pot upside down position.

3. Collect leaves Hati2 with the Queen ... Then enter in the discount paralon

4. Leaf in the safe position paralon

5. Put the paralon(PVC) and pot with pleaster.

6. Close Up paralon(PVC) connection and pot.

7. Enter into the cardboard and trim. packed ready

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