May 11, 2009

10 Types of vine Plants

  1. PETREA VOLUBILIS. Comes from South America. Still able to grow despite heavy flowering in a protected sun. Want the temperature range 25 - 35 ° C. Applied as appropriate plants fluorescent and plant litter on the vine pergola. Grouped flowers in bunches. Each stem length 30 - 40 cm, containing hundreds of flowers.
  2. ANTIGONON LEPTOPUS. This plant comes from Mexico. Growth is very fast. Require the planting in full shine of sun. Planting the desired form of a mixture of soil, compost husk, bran and roasted. conside 2: 1: 1. The desired temperature range is 21 - 32 ° C. Stek may be through or with the generative seed.
  3. STROPHANTHUS GRATUS. also often spread as oleander. Plant this sticky, has a flower stalk group in one. The desired temperature ranges between 16 - 31 ° C. This type of resistance and resistance to exposure to shade the sun. Flowering can be diligent and much more with stek stem and stek shoots. Applied as a suitable plant fluorescent.
  4. QUISQUALIS indica. Often also referred to as plant gulp. Interest rates are unique. Color can change. Young white flowers. Along with the increasing age, the color will change to pink, to finally become dark red. Grow in the fertile plateau and lowland. Require the body in a humid place. The desired temperature range 28 - 32 °C.
  5. Brown ALAMANDA. If most flowering yellow Alamanda, Allamanda cathartica this ornate brown. Comes from the U.S. South and West India. Classified the type of plant sticky. Brown Alamanda ruin affected flowering and resistance to sun also are in the trees between stem. Dpat up through stek stem, with seeds and cangkok. Applied as a suitable plant fluorescent.
  6. A SOLANDRA GRANDIFLORA. The size of the interest rates clench tongue adults. This plant needs a lot of the open exposed to the sun. Solandra grandiflora able to grow on clay or sandy conditions, and always humid.
  7. FLAME OF IRIAN. Included in the family Leguminoceae plants or beans. Mushrooming of height and flowering in more than 300 m. With average temperatures ranging between 24 - 25 ° C. Suitable as plant cover and canopy.
  8. THUNBERGIA MYSORENSIS. Come from Central America. families with eggplant, tomatoes and chili. Fertile and flowering in the high dense and packed cool. Suitable for protectors in the terrace house. Berhumus like the media and humid. Up with stek and seed.
  9. MALAITHONG. Cluster size of interest can reach 80cm long. Filled with hundreds of yellow flowers. Tendon grow each of the shoots. The more shoots, the more many of the tendon.
  10. IPOMEA BRAVIENSIS. dengon yam family. Applied as a suitable plant fence. Hold patronage remain diligent and flowering in the shade. Grow in the fertile lowland. The temperature range 29 - 32 ° C.

Schedule Care
1. Trimming 2 - 4 weeks. Pads, especially when the rainy season
2. Fertilization 2 - 3 months with NPK berkandungan P are.
3. Spraying pesticides. Once a month. Especially in the rainy season for the fragrant flower. Such Quisqualis indica.


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Nice photos! I really admire your passion and dedication in writing.

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Nice photos! I really admire your passion and dedication in writing.

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