May 11, 2009

Smiley Orchid from Bangka Indonesia

The corwn sheath and green colors in a red lip stick red maroon, sanction of the human-like lips. 'Laughter' is considered exotic orchid by orchid lovers neighboring countries. Not surprisingly, when Eria jacobsonii JJ Sm brought to this exhibition, it is sold out in one day. "I have five great-great family, the direct diborong Thailand," said Tulistiyanto Flora of Bangka Socieety (BFS) at berpameran on Asian Orchid Exhibition in the Palembang ago in May 2008.

Specifically for orchids laugh, there are many reasons why people like it outside. This type of orchid, including perfumes and heavily vanilla. One family of plants, with a minimum of 5 flower bud can scent a room size of 4m x 5m. But size is not large bud, diameter only 2-3 cm. Bud this perch in the flower stalk at the point heave grow. Between by the thick green leaves and spiky. Baling order dealing with the long leaves about 5 cm.

Between the stem with a stem that is connected by another bar (rhizoma) to form clumps. Stem is slightly protuberant, and named pseudobulb, the place where stored food reserves. Pseudobulb sancta Cecil and located near the stem. "Flowers can hold up to 2 months. Pas as decoration on the table. After the fall, the lapse of 3 days longer appear breeding interest on the other," said Tulistiyanto who use it as pengharum room. Of course, it entered into the room only during flowering. By order of this kind, laughing Anggrek potential to be a plant pot plant is displayed on the table.
Eria Jacobsonii

EASY Propagation
Also the attraction laughing orchid is easy to breeding . Breeding more practical use because the scale is not so much. breeding rizhoma this grow from the vine planted in the skin surface. When leaved plants have at least 3 pairs, can be separated by cutting rimpang it. For more safe, not only cut off one family contains a Breeding , but a family that contains at least 3 Breeding . So that the clumps have a greater energy to heal the wounds that cut off the network. In addition, use a sharp pilau for cutting. A blunt knife to make the plant more 'sick' because the network is more damaged.

After Breeding crop, planted in a pot with the fern spaghnummoss or cocopeat. Then disiram twice a day, or try to keep humid. Fertilization does not need a routine, even though there is a treat as orchid hybrid, two times a week fostered NPK. Orchid this should be placed under the (net 65%), or can also be placed in the room that faced with the window. If you want natural, can be tied in the trunk as in the original habitat.

Various Variants
E, jacobsonii, have some other name because variannya vary. Color flowers have a greenness, and light green colors, but have a long form. You can find another name as Campanulorchis pellipes (Rchb.f. ex Hook.f.) YPNg £ t f '. J. Cribb 2005 Eria jacobsonii JJSm. 1917; Eria toluensis JJSm, 1920 Pinalia pellipes (Rchb. f. ex Hook.f.) Kuntze 1891. Year of naming the oldest written in 1851 with the name of Eria teretifolia tariff. This name refers to the form of tenet (like the pencil) on the orchid leaves laughing

Orchid laughing stick found in the trunk callosity. For example bacang (Ma ngifera foetida), mango sour taste. While in other countries is usually found under the conifer forest (pine group). This plant is found spread from Indonesia to Malaysia, in the range 0-1300 m altitude above the surface of Links. There was also mention of Himalaya, Assam, Bhutan, Sikkim, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, southern China, and Vietnam. In Indonesia, it became laughing pride orchid Bangka.

Scanned / OCR / edited by Sabina from Flona Magazine Issue 65 / July 2008 V


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