December 24, 2011

How to Minimal Maintenance Garden

Garden is space to give you refreshing and relaxing family. Do not make your ganden even to make you feel burdened, cause the style of your plant not relevant and need more extra care and hard to maintained. If you have little time to maintenance garden, consider trying to make a low maintenance garden. This is the park where you just need to spend a little time in taking care of the park. With minimal maintenance garden, you can also go on vacation in a week or more without the worry of the park would be damaged. Here are some tips on designing a slick minimal garden care.

1. Use of gravel and stones
Parks dikreasi minimal treatment often using various gravel, rocks, or coral. The combination of stone and kerikit are arranged according to a specific path or randomly arranged to reduce your intensity to maintain the plant. Arrangement of gravel and stones can be incorporated into the order steppingstone.
Problems often arise if the gravel is laid out fairly dense growth of wild grass or weeds. The solution, install weed block on the ground, then put gravel on it. Furthermore, between the land so a place to put gravel filled with thick plastic plants are limited. aims to prevent weeds from growing more and more.

2. Plant low maintenance
In principle, if the crop is planted in areas suitable for the growth of the care required is not too complicated. Therefore, the selected plants need to be adapted to the climate or weather condition of the park where you are. drought resistant plants such as aloevera, Adenium, or other succulent include minimal maintenance and fit combined with a variety of rocks or gravel. As a border, you can choose plants such as iris. Can be used for ground cover that fits a mini elephant grass grown in hot areas, whereas for a somewhat shady area can be selected chives.

3. Use the grass
Meet the park or open area with grass is also an option to park not too much need for intensive care. Simply flush every day so the grass is always green. Fertilization also is conducted every three months. In order to reduce the impression of monotony in the grass, you can create a gravel bed on the grassy land. How, first mark the area for gravel bed according to the desired shape. For example a box, oval, or circle. Then dig the soil according to the form that had made it. Put the gravel in the gravel bed was. If necessary add a few rocks or plants to beautify.

4. Playing the design on the floor
Giving more space to pavement on the floor of the park can also reduce maintenance garden. If the park is located outside the home are easily exposed to rain, you should create a floor design that is still able to absorb water. In order to remain functional pavement to absorb water, select the appropriate material. For example paving blocks. Play with paving design can be done by managing the paving pattern. Examples of paving patterns that can be used include herringbone, stretcherbond, or basket weave. Play designs can also be done by selecting the shape and color of the different pa-Ving. Design floor garden can also be selected from the fabric or wood decks. If the wood is selected accordingly and coated materials that can make it durable, wood decks can look attractive and durable.

5. Give decorations on the walls
Provide more touch hard materials can indeed make the garden low maintenance because it reduces the intensity of plant maintenance.Tapi, often lack the plant can make the garden seem monotonous. To reduce it, you can give a decorative touch to the garden wall. For example, by giving a "window" on the garden wall. The window that lets you have the view to see the outside of the park. Can ping by presenting a statue or sculpture in the garden wall as a focal point, and then made dekoran wall as a focal point of the frame. Installing the sandstone carvings on the walls can also beautify the park. You can also make arrangements dekoran stone wall with paste or arrowroot with stones of different colors.

6. Arrange the plants in pots
Order of the pots containing plants can be used to display a minimal garden care. Garden pots neatly arranged can give freshness in your home. In addition to plant varieties that are used can vary, you can also easily change the arrangement so as not to get bored. A wide size of the pot lets you be creative with the appropriate placement. For example, displaying a small pot containing the plant near a window, or setting up a ladder near the entrance of the house, and so on. But, you need to choose suitable plants grown in pots. If plants can grow bigger, you can control its growth with regular pruning. Trimming the canopy can control root growth. Besides using pots, minimal garden care can also be designed to create a container of fabric exposed brick or cement. Many forms, such as circle, square, triangle, and so on. Container containing these plants can be combined with an appropriate order hardmaterial park. By using containers you can focus to keep the plant more easily.

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