December 25, 2011

Vine plant and Arbor

Vine plants, known by the name of passion flowers or passion vines, where there are 500 types of species that have interest and entered into the family Passifloraceae. Some of them propagate among the trees, shrubs and some that could be made for drugs. In tropical climates this plant is often found.
This very beautiful plant when we set it in the garden area of ​​our homes or gardens. In addition to this plant is easy to adapt, fast growing and easy to care for her ....
Now how to take advantage of our home page with these plants. There are many examples of the arrangement of this plant for example, was hanged in pots, placed in wooden houses or attached to the wall. But taukah you in choosing the type of plants that are suitable for our home page? Actually there is no fixed rule in the choice of plants of this type, it all depends on your taste heuhuheuhueheuh respectively. But with some experience I've ever had and some people I've given advice. They can feel things more. Maybe my suggestion can petrify you in laying out these vines.
If you want to plant in front yard planting berbungan one who will feel the spirit of light due to the viewer.
Choose a bright berbungan vines such as:
1. Bignonia
Cross the vines is one of the first red, trumpet shaped flowers to greet returning hummingbirds in early spring. The related trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans) is similar, but climbs with ivylike aerial roots instead of tendrils and blooms later in the summer. Plant the two together, and you and the hummingbirds will of tubular flowers have colored flame from the which to feed from early spring and throughout the summer.

2. Coral vine Antigonon leptopus
Plant the which need at least A Few hours a day of solar light. We suggest growing the The Coral vine In the house or in a warmed greenhouse; Pls the minimum temperatures go past 15 ° C it is possible to develop outside.To Move Them to Their best, climber plants need grates, or They can be placed near a wall, the which functions as a support.

3. Bougainvillea Paperflower
Plant the which need at least A Few hours a day of solar light. During this time of year We should not worry about minimum temperatures, in fact the The Paperflower can bear temperatures A Few degrees below zero.To develop to Their best, climber plants need grates, or They can be placed near a wall, the which functions as a support.

But if you want a little relaxation with family in the garden of the house you select a few clams or color is not too flashy so that you feel more relaxed.
1. Morning glory
is a fast-growing, Twining annual with heart-shaped light to mid-green leaves and vibrantly colored, funnel-shaped flowers to 3 inches across. White-colored cultivars include 'Pearly Gates'; 'Heavenly Blue'; crimson-colored, white-throated 'Crimson Rambler'; and 'Flying Saucers', a batik-looking blend of white and blue accented by a golden throat.

2. Asarina scandens
A half-hardy perennial, this sophisticated climber grows to 8 feet tall. It has a profuse show of 1.5-inch indigo, violet, pink, or white flowers. It's great for the cold greenhouse or conservatory, and Will Often bloom until the end of the year Unless there is a hard frost.

3. Passiflora caerulea
This plant produces 3 - to 4-inch-diameter, slightly scented flowers sporadically During summer, Increasing in late summer through autumn. Intricate blossoms have an outer ruffle of petals and sepals; an inner disc of filaments composed of rings of blue, white and purple; and a central "antenna." Deeply lobed dark green leaves cover stems That grasp supports with tendrils. Blue passion flower can reach 10 feet tall in one season. The ovoid, orange-yellow fruit is edible.
Care: Often grown as a houseplant, it can also be grown as an annual outdoors. Grow in a greenhouse border or in containers. Or set outdoors in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Shelter from cold, drying winds.
The selection seems arbor will also be great ... but if u wanna to mix theres nothink wrong heuheuhuehuehue.
If you order memimilih arbor that has rarely (remote), select vines broadleaf or trunked wide because of this, do not cover up the beauty of the frame arbor and vice versa.
Here's my arbor design. But not finished it all ... ...

simple arbor

mix on top arbor

dooms arbor

Enjoy you're garden

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